MSPA COMFORT Starry Round Bubble Spa With LED light strip C-ST061

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Don't just treat yourself, treat the entire family with the Starry Comfort Spa from MSpa. Brand new for 2021 this MSpa is the most popular of choices for those who want to spend quality time in their own stye!

The Comfort collection offers a easeful air bubble massage by delivering thousands of bubbles that thoroughly massage the body for an invigorating experience. The models in this collection bear the latest UVC function, to make sure you enjoy a clean and healthy water massage.

The best addition to the MSpa Comfort range has finally been introduced at All Round Fun! Featuring exquisite lighting and a bold and captivating look this MSpa Starry spa is the most popular model from the MSpa range of hot tubs. Carrying all the benefits from the Comfort series, this spa has been designed with an opulent touch just for you!

138 Powerful AirJets

Featuring a boasting 138 AirJets; the MSpa Starry Comfort spa is manufactured to give you the maximum relaxation and comfort you need. Dotted around the spa you will be indulged in small pressure bubbles creating a relaxing wave of airflow, all to make you feel like a totally new person!

MSpa Wired Remote Controller

This model also carries the handy remote control operation. Simply control all the features of the spa with the wired controlled without the need for jumping out of your spa. Many traditional hot tubs carry an external pump that requires you to lean out to amend the settings, but with this MSpa Starry you won't need to move far ever! Simply keep the remote handy as the extra-long wiring makes sure you relax the way you want to.

Integrated Pump Unit

For added space saving and easy storage, the pump of the spa is fitted to the liner making it more compact and easy to set up; eliminating the need for separate storage of the pump. You will no doubt be saving even more space than an average hot tub requires, but not be compromising on the quality of features at all.

Astute, Sparkling & Glowing LED Lighting

Possibly the make or break decision when looking to purchase a spa. The MSpa Starry features opulent lighting to enhance your experience even further. The beaming blue led lighting is integrated into the walls of the spa; provide an immaculate and dazzling atmosphere when turned on. You may ask why just the colour blue? This colour is actually used as therapy for certain skin conditions and is known to be the relaxer of the body and mind when it comes to colours.

MSpa in Cold Weather Conditions

In cold weather, the MSpa Starry Comfort Bubble Spa must not be left outside for lengthy periods in. The recommended temperature for the pump to operate is above 4°C. Normal operation and short periods of time in low temperatures will not affect the Pump Unit. This spa is not to be operated through an extension socket / lead and must only be used through a Mains Socket.

As per the manufacturers terms it is best to keep the pump inside overnight during cold weather conditions. At All Round Fun we recommend that you look for extra protection for your MSpa such as Gazebos, Bladders, Mats or Canopies to prolong and maintain your MSpa.

What’s in the box?

MSpa Starry Comfort Bubble Spa Liner with Integrated Water Filtration & AirJet System
1x Spa Buckle Lid
1x Garden Hose Adapter
Filter & Filter Base


138 powerful airjets

Temperature increase rate: 1.5 - 2 degrees an hour

Integrated pump unit

Remote control operation

1 x filter included

UVC Sanitiser

Energy saving timer

Child safety lock


Spa: 2.0m x 0.71m

Water Capacity: 930L

Seating capacity upto 6 people

Inflated Dimensions: 2.04m x 0.70m

Massage Air Blower: 600W

Cable Length: 5m

Heater: 1500W

CE, ISO9001 certified

Filter Pump Flow: 1325L/Hr


Pump Warranty: 12 months

Inflatable Parts Warranty: 6 months