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Inflatable SUP Board Aqua Marina HYPER 12'6

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Inflatable SUP Board Aqua Marina HYPER

Including Paddle, pump, seafty leash, bag, 1 year warranty

  • Sizes 12'6'' (381cm)


Touring boards are ideal equipment for lovers of water trips. They are longer and narrower than the Allround boards, therefore they put a small resistance in the water, thanks to which they are fast and maintain direction.The unsurpassed stifness and stability of the Hyper series has been achieved thanks to the new, two-chamber design. The streamlined SUP shape allows you to develop higher speeds. Inflatable touring board HYPER gives you the opportunity to travel even with camping equipment.

Construction of Hyper board

  1. Outer PVC rail
  2. Extra rail reinforcement
  3. Inner PVC rail
  4. EVA footpad
  5. Outer layer
  6. Outside Drop Stitch chamber
  7. Inside Drop Stitch chamber

Double Chamber Technology

An additional internal chamber improves the safety of the board - in the event of damage to the outer chamber, it allowing us to reach the shore. It also makes the board stiffer than single-

Key features

  • Double Chamber technology makes the board super stiff and secure
  • Racing fin in the slide-in system
  • 2 trunks
  • Handle for carrying boards
  • The deck covered with EVA foam provides excellent grip and comfort
  • D-Ring for fixing leash on the tail
  • Tail strip on the tail boards improves its performance


Hyper 12'6''

  • Size: 381cm x 81cm x 15cm
  • Thickness: 15cm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Volume: 355l
  • Optimal inside pressure: 15psi/10psi (inner chamber)
  • Max Load: 160kg
  • Warranty: 12 months